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Nearly 50 years after Darwin published , research on radioactive elements in rocks provided the first reliable evidence that the earth was old enough to accommodate the evolution of complex organisms.

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They point to a catastrophic origin for granites, consistent with the biblical timeframe for earth history and God’s judgment during the Flood.Problems with the Underlying Assumptions As noted, all radiometric dating boils down to essentially are a chemical analysis of a particular sample’s composition.The assumptions that need to be made in order to take these results and use them as a dating method are unproven and unprovable. 57“This is the one that assumes that neither the parent nor the daughter concentrations (nor any of the intermediate products, some of which are highly-mobile gasses) have been altered throughout the entire history of the rock (except by radioactive decay) or that the amount of loss or gain can be known. Morris, “The Young Earth”, 2000, p.53John Morris calls this assumption “the Achillies heel of radioisotopic dating” (“The Young Earth”, p. Obviously no one can assume to know what the original composition of a rock sample was millions of years ago.It's important to keep in mind that changes to these hypotheses are a normal part of the process of science and that they do not represent a change in the basis of evolutionary theory.Here, you can learn about important hypotheses regarding when, where and how life originated and find out how scientists study an event that occurred so long ago.