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If you’re WWE, you’re going to fire the company’s most iconic pro wrestler.

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan was body-slammed by WWE on Friday when it was revealed he went off on a racist tirade in his infamous sex tape that’s at the center of a lawsuit with Gawker, according to reports. F–king n—-r.” WWE has scrubbed Hogan from several online platforms, according to a report by Wresting Inc.: His profile was removed from the Alumni section of WWE’s website, related merchandise was removed from its online shop and Hogan was removed from the cast listing for Tough Enough, a WWE-produced reality series.

While dad Hulk Hogan still eclipses her fame, she has made a name for herself in La La Land.

He was a big part of her life for a very long time, and she still cares about him and his family dearly.

He ends up in photos like the one above, and takes Instagram photos of her legs.

TNA Impact Wrestling devoted an entire storyline to how he didn’t approve of or trust anyone who tried to date her, routinely treating the 26-year old Brooke like a 12-year old.

“There was a little run in with only one of the Cowboys.

Brooke Hogan's new beau is a rapper named Stack$ (real name: Yannique Barker). Bloggers have already jumped on the size disparity between the two -- Brooke seems to have a half foot and a couple of pounds over the dimunitive MC.