Updating airport express

But as we’re about to show you, that may not always be the case.

updating airport express-66

i Phone6: i OS 10.2i OS Spotify App: Express version: 7.6.8 Hey y'all! The good news is we've now released a new update that should help fix this issue.

Spotlight may be able to help locate and remove the utilities, which can be manually dragged to the trash and deleted.

Remove all previous firmware updates Air Port Utility will store the downloaded firmware updates on your Mac in a folder within your user library.

Check the current version you are running by going to the Air Port Utility menu within the program and choosing "About Air Port Utility." If the version shown is less than 5.5.2 then you should download the latest update.

This can be done by choosing "Check for Updates..." in the Air Port Utility menu, or by downloading the software directly from Apple's Web site.