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If your address has changed, your call will then be transferred to an agent to process your change of address or you will hear a message with further instructions.

If your new address is outside of the area serviced by your assigned office, you may be scheduled for an interview to determine if you were available for work during your move.

The staff supported me and mixed things up until finally I saw results. I have lost 6 kgs and maintaining my current weight.

I love the routine and as silly as it sounds I get excited when picking the food - which is yummy. I have found it has given me and reminds me of good eating habits. Perhaps I'll go back again in another 11 years!

You can also report an address change while claiming weekly unemployment benefits by telephone or by mail.

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Continue to make your weekly claims while we investigate. I hadn't put on any of the weight I lost for 11 years, until last year I decided it was time to come back to JC.The staff at South Yarra have been amazing - it was a slow start, and I found myself doing all the right things but not losing any weight.If you move out-of state while you are claiming benefits, you should immediately telephone 1-888-795-6672 and select the option to file a claim in order to report the address change.An agent will assist you in claiming benefits against New Jersey on an interstate basis.