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She just moved to Boston from Los Angeles to be closer to her family. They all have the obligatory storage spaces in the Valley.” “I’d rather be a little physically cold here than emotionally cold in LA,” Eliza added about the split.

“I missed my town and I missed my family.” The duo began dating in late 2009.

Of course, they’re downplaying the relationship despite everyone knowing how much she’s in love with him.

Fox was formerly married to Vanessa Williams and Dushku previously dated Brad Penny of the Boston Red Sox. Next up, “Giant Squids: Are they the real kings of the ocean?

Buzz is crucial to bringing ratings to the show, but it has nothing to do with the winner.

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Dushku came to the attention of casting agents when she was 10.

Fox also played high school basketball in Warsaw, Indiana.

After two seasons (1984–1986) at Warsaw, Fox was projected to have a very successful senior season.

When she began her work on that series, Dushku was still a minor, and had to receive emancipation to work the production's long hours.

She later recalled with amusement that the judge who handled her emancipation case, who was an avid fan of that show, jokingly said that she would sign the emancipation order if she could get a signed photo from Dushku.