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ithin easy reach of your Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills (A Four Seasons Hotel) guest room or luxury suite are a variety of options for sports or outdoor recreation.For further ideas or details, our Concierge is always pleased to advise and assist you.Donald Trump says that he is "working hard to get the Olympics" to take place in LA.But the intervention came after the pitches were presented to the International Olympic Committee, and at a time that it seems obvious the city will almost certainly get to host the games.

Search: See pics of the couple Find: Watch one of his latest victories The first couple of Australia (maybe, we don't really know), Hewitt has been married to his Aussie actress wife since 2005. He's a famous musician with a unique style all his own. Search: See them together Find: Watch Victoria in action The Russian tennis beauty went to the NHL to find her man. Search: See photos of them together Find: Watch the tennis pro play Nadal has kept his relationship mostly under wraps over the years, but he has been dating this woman from his native Mallorca, Spain, since 2005. Search: Check him out on the court The American, once a top 10 player, married this actress and model from a popular game show in 2008.

Ever since 10-time Grand Slam champion Bill Tilden came to town in the 1920s to volley with friend Charlie Chaplin, power serves have gone hand in hand with power schmoozing.

Whereas the biz's other key social sport, golf, revolves around country clubs such as Riviera and Bel-Air, the creme de la creme of tennis games take place in a more exclusive setting: people's private domains.

Serena Williams is dating Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

“They met at a lunch,” a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.