Validating instruments in mis research

From time immemorial up until the 1800’s people could expect to have a relatively similar standard of living as their great grandparents.

Our ancestors safeguarded our land, resources, and culture for the generations to follow.

A Les efforts et sacrifices consentis pour l'élaboration de ce mémoire ont été stimulés par une pensée empreinte de gratitude à l'endroit de ceux qui n'ont reculé devant aucun obstacle pour assurer l'épanouissement et l'édification de ma personne : Mes parents.

Je remercie le Seigneur pour la persévérance, le courage, la santé, l'ouverture d'esprit et l'inspiration dont il m'a gratifié.

Analyzes selected literary texts from modern Kuwaiti prose, poetry, and theatre in addition to some texts from popular literature (local dialect), covering the period from the Second World War to date.

Its overall goal is to improve the understanding of the current Kuwaiti cultural environment, its components, and its relation to national and regional affairs. This course focuses on two major fields within the Arabic heritage: Culture and Society.

The social network perspective provides a clear way of analyzing the structure of whole social entities.

The study of these structures uses methods of social network analysis to identify local and global patterns, locate influential entities, and examine network dynamics.

Emmanuel YOGO, responsable de la division de production informatique pour les orientations, les contacts et l'aide qu'il a su m'apporter ; - à Madame Angèle EJENGELE MOUTOME, Organisatrice à la BICEC, pour son attention et son soutien permanent ; - aux Organisateurs de la BICEC que sont Mme Christine MBIAKOP, Messieurs YAYA SADOU, Louis DJEUKEUSSI, Désiré MOUANGUE, Marcel PRISO et Francis NDJOM, de même qu'à Mme Hortense PENDA, chargé de traitement, pour leur bonne humeur et leurs apports technico-informationnels.

Every day I talk to my students about indigenous values and beliefs and in particular how important and ever present our ancestors are. This presentation is based on unexpected events, which intrude into the mundane world and present the opportunity to bridge the gap between a sceptical, largely secular society and an ancient world steeped in generations of knowledge and custom.

It is framed within the principles of a kaupapa Māori paradigm to support my students and myself to develop a willingness to navigate contested landscapes with humility and a sense of wonder in an effort to test and ultimately expand our conceptual limits.

An introductory course in the archeology of historical period sites.

The historical period refers to that portion of human history that begins with the appearance of written documents and continues to contemporary societies.