Backup exec updating catalogs hang

Please read more detailed FAQs about Rancher Server and Rancher Agent/Hosts.

This section assumes you were able to successfully start Rancher server and add hosts.

If you forget one thing, you can clone the container, change it, and then delete the old container. Instead we run an internal DNS server that makes links work across hosts. Since the agent is potentially open to the public internet, requests to the agent for a shell (or logs, etc) of a container aren’t automatically trusted.The database merely passes the message on from the media manager.The cause can only be addressed by the media management vendor.This fix can be applied without service interruption. Start with only a few worker nodes and upgrade gradually. Updating from 2.1.10 works through an RPM upgrade assisted by the Cern VM-FS hotpatching feature. This behavior is triggered by a specific pattern of issuing inodes used by Cern VM-FS, which makes the kernel re-validate large portions of the directory tree. Note on hotpatch: As this release makes changes to the low-level file system interface, hotpatching from previous versions is likely to fail.The options are: Please apply the fix as soon as possible. This release has been tested in production at a Tier 1 site for one week (cf. The recommended way of upgrading is to drain the node.