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Time Magazine wrote about this phenomenon, which costs consumers billion a year in fees charged by check cashing stores, payday loan providers, and others.

It’s not at all uncommon for consumers to spend 3% or more to get a paycheck cashed.

The following Debit cards and Prepaid cards from our partners can help you control your spending.

If you tend to overspend or would like to control your spending then a debit card or a prepaid card could be a good card for you.

Swipe payments without a connection in Offline Mode and pay the usual 2.75% per swipe.

Send receipts via email or text message, or connect a receipt printer to a tablet.

Personalize your signature screen and receipts with a logo and cover photo.

Customers sign and tip right on the device in one easy, math-free motion—easier for them and better for your business.

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